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Our Company

Palma Swim is a Sustainable Luxury Swimwear brand inspired in the Caribbean. Donating to a non profit in Puerto Rico to help our community. All fabrics made out of recycled plastics and prints inspired in the beauty of our Puerto Rico, we want to bring you the joy and tropical vibes while you help.

We want you to look good, feel good and do good!


​This story began with a disaster. After Hurricane Maria devastated my island of Puerto Rico, I saw an exodus of young talent, friends and family leave my dear island. A few months after the hurricane, with still no electricity in 80% of the island and much destruction still in the air, I saw all the plants, trees and beaches come back with more strength than ever. Reminding us that we are here, beautiful and we can recover. That was the inspiration for this line. "Palma" is palm tree and represents all the ones that stood and the ones that will come back strong to show that we are still a beautiful place full of amazing fauna and flora and most of all, amazing beaches that still need to be visited and enjoyed. That is why a swimsuit line made sense to show the world and encourage a visit to a magical place. A dream always in the works and decided to start this and try to help the island with different causes and promote vacation, sunshine, salty waters and sitting under a palm tree.

Join us to fight for clean waters, sustainable fashion and donate to the recovery of an island in a financial struggle. Home.


The Founder

Company founder sitting in a hammock smiling

 Quiria Rodriguez 
Creator and designer of Palma Swim

With a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Lisa Thon Escuela de Diseño in Puerto Rico and a long 7 year career in buying and merchandising, I put my creative and design background to work with ideas inspired in my island to always have a vacation to look forward to. Working hard on this project for more than a year to be able to contribute to my home and be creative has been a journey. With having a small size body, I really want to focus on making ALL sizes and fits important, big or small. We will continue to expand in sizes as we grow. Hope you enjoy! Gracias!


About our Product
Women's Swimsuits ( Coming soon!)
  • Fabrics made in Italy
  • Made out of recycled polyester
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Shape retention
  • Oil and cream resistant
  • Soft to the touch
  • Our original print design
Men's Swimsuits
  • Fabric made in China​
  • Polyester made out of recycled plastic bottles
  • Our original print design







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tel. 787-420-0844